Success for Dunblane Development Trust!

We’re delighted to learn that Dunblane Development Trust has recently secured community ownership of the Braeport Centre, through an asset transfer from Stirling Council.  After successfully running the Centre for 10 years, we supported DDT with a feasibility study, and prepared a business plan for community ownership.   DDT decided it needed ownership of the Braeport to secure this as an important and much loved community asset, and be able to pursue long term development and funding.

Funding Success

DDT  was also successful in securing £93k from the Climate Challenge Fund in February this year, to improve energy efficiency in the Braeport Centre.  We worked with DDT in 2016 to strengthen the organisation, and develop a 3 year strategy which included a funding plan for the Braeport Centre.  STAR established Dunblane Development Trust in 2003 following the Community Futures exercise to prepare the first Community Action Plan for Dunblane.



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