Pitlochry Community Action Trust – representing the community’s views

Since the launch of the Pitlochry Community Action Plan, this group of committed volunteers has gone from strength to strength.  Using the CAP as their launchpad, they set up the Pitlochry Community Action Trust to take forward the themes and priorities. PCAT creates opportunities for local people to be involved and develops strong partnerships to make things happen.  In August they successfully used the CAP to represent the views of the Pitlochry people in the Council’s “Big Place Conversation” process.  Now PCAT has partnered with Perth & Kinross Council to promote the Council’s property review – engaging with local groups and residents to find out how to make best use of Council buildings. 

We love to follow their progress as a well-organised community, with a plan and a way to make it happen! Well done PCAT! 


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