Our Approach and Values – STAR brings together a group of independent community development practitioners with a shared vision and ethos. The STAR group consists of senior consultants, associates, community agents and co-researchers, and an ‘extended family’ of community organisations and activists we have worked over the years.

STAR consultants are dedicated to putting communities at the heart of sustainable development and to fostering partnerships and relationships that support this.

We are committed to working ‘on the ground’ with communities and giving of ourselves, our time and expertise to make sure projects go well and are enjoyable as well as successful.

We recognise that many of the people we work with are volunteering their own time to make things happen in their community and we endeavour to support, respect and acknowledge this.

We also try to share rather than hold on to our experience, skills and knowledge.  We are keen to enable and build capacity in local organisations, staff and volunteers.