Dorenell Community Development Plan guides wind farm benefit funds

The recently completed Community Development Plan prepared for the Dorenell Community Benefit Fund steering group will be a key tool in guiding the community use of around £8million of windfarm benefit funding in the Dufftown and Glenlivet area of Moray. We worked with the local community representatives to design and carry out in depth community consultation over a four month period, and prepared the Community Development Plan that sets out a 25 year vision for the area, main strategies for development and identifies the priority projects and actions that could be achieved with the community benefit fund. Crucial to the success of the CDP will be how the funding is managed.  STAR also explored the options and criteria for delivery of the fund and made recommendations to the Steering Group for future management of the community benefit fund. Construction of the turbines is ongoing, and it is expected that benefit funding will start being generated by December 2018, with the Community Benefit Fund operational in 2019.

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